MCN Relaunch 2018

From April 18th issue - MCN is changing, and we hope you will love the improvements…

Over the winter the team have met and spent a lot of time with hundreds of active bikers up and down the country, and as a result we have radically changed the paper to better deliver what modern motorcyclists want from a weekly paper.

The themes that came out loud and clear were;
• Motorcycling is great fun
• There is a strong kinship among bikers
• Every ride gives ‘freedom’
• Buying and owning bikes is joyful
• Motorcyclists have a real thirst for knowledge and skills to improve their biking life
• They crave value and are savvy about what to buy

We will also be increasing the emphasis on our #ride5000Miles campaign to increase rider participation. We know that a big part of our job is to inspire people to get out there and ride more miles to more places. They then buy more tyres, clothing, accessories, products and services - which is great news for the bike industry.

The regionalised MCN Local section has also been redesigned and given new focus as we continue to expose brilliant events, deals and offers in the wonderful world of motorcycling.